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Cosy, funny, heart-warming stories brimming with family, friendship and romance!

A Dog's Heart And Other Stories

An uplifting collection of feel-good stories sure to warm the hearts of dog lovers everywhere!


Shy dog-walker Libby has a crush on the handsome stranger at the park and hopes their sweet canines can help break the ice. Brody the Labrador wants a new girlfriend for his owner and hatches a plan that cause more trouble than he bargained for. Charity worker June fears for the homeless dogs she cares for after donation money runs out and is stunned by a helping hand from a mysterious stranger.

These are just some of the sweet stories in this gorgeous collection about friendship and romance, love and loss, and the precious time we share with our lovely canine companions. A life-affirming celebration of dogs and the people who love them, these wonderful stories are filled with warmth and humour, and are guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, and hug your furry friends close.

The Food Of Love And Other Stories

A delicious collection of heart-warming stories celebrating the joys of good food shared in great company.


From gorgeous home-baked cakes to comforting bowls of soup, from Sunday roast dinners to sumptuous meals marking special occasions, this collection of feel-good stories is brimming with friendship, romance and heart. Meet Sally, baking with her grandmother for the first time and making memories to last a lifetime. Meet Harry and Rosie, rekindling a long lost love thanks to a beautiful wedding cake. And visit Valentino's restaurant, where surprises lie in store for the busy owner who doesn't have time for romance... or so she thinks.

Filled with warmth and humour, these wonderful stories will make your mouth water and your heart soar.


A Dream Of Christmas And Other Stories

A heart-warming collection of festive stories filled with the comfort and joy of Christmas.


A surprise appearance at the local Christmas cake competition reminds unlucky-in-love Donna of romantic memories she wishes she could forget. Christmas Eve traditions shared beneath a starry December sky help the Sullivan family look towards the future. And Marion's worries about providing Christmas for her small son when she's broke take an unusual turn when a mysterious new friend brings a sprinkle of festive magic into her life.


These are just some of the stories in this cosy Christmas collection featuring friendship and romance, family and tradition, and all the fun and warmth of the season.


The Magic Of Christmas And Other Stories

A cosy collection of festive stories filled with the warmth and romance of Christmas.


Meredith plans on skipping Christmas this year while she mends her broken heart, but her escape to a winter wonderland cabin leads her to a man too intriguing to ignore. Lisa's Christmas Eve gift deliveries are plunged into disaster until the unexpected appearance of her long-lost teenage crush. The Christmas ghost that haunts a rambling old castle serves up more than just a festive tall tale for Cheryl and Ross on a dark December night. And Robert struggles with grief and loss until a chance meeting with a mysterious stranger helps him find his way through a difficult Christmas...


These are just some of the stories in this uplifting and emotional Christmas collection featuring friendship and romance, love and celebration, and all the magic and hope of the season.


Home Sweet Home And Other Stories

A cosy collection of heart-warming stories celebrating the joys and comforts of home sweet home.


Meet Catherine, moving into her new house at Appletree Cottage and meeting her larger-than-life neighbour who makes her wonder if village life is all it's cracked up to be. Meet Olivia, who's about to discover that her next house sitting job comes with a shocking surprise that's more than she bargained for. Meet Louis, who's had enough of the litter bugs using the street outside his home as a dumping ground for their rubbish, but who desperately needs a friend to help him work out what to do about it. And meet Lisa, racing back to her house and family on the coast after a long work trip and remembering just how much home means to her...


Filled with warmth, humour and love, these gorgeous stories will lift your heart and remind you that there's no place like home.

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