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Feel-good stories from Foxglove Street, where neighbours become friends, friends become family, and there's a story behind every door...

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Neighbours on Foxglove Street 

Welcome to Foxglove Street, where neighbours become friends, friends become family, and there's a story behind every door...


After a long and lonely winter, pensioner Olive Nimmo is desperate to get out of the house and make new friends. Finding her neighbour, Angela, in dire straits and struggling to care for her much-loved family dog, Olive offers to lend a helping hand. But when her good intentions almost end in disaster, Olive wonders if she's up to the challenge of being a good neighbour after all.

Single mother Angela Barton is juggling raising her daughter, returning to work, and recovering from her ex-husband's betrayal. Grateful for her neighbour's dog-walking help, she's thrilled when friendship blossoms with the elderly lady. But when Olive's near-disaster brings handsome policeman, Mark, into Angela's life, she fights against the undeniable attraction. The last thing she wants is a new relationship, or so she keeps telling herself...

As Olive and Angela are forced to rethink what they're capable of in life, they each wonder if a whole new world might be waiting for them... but are they brave enough to venture into the unknown?

Enjoy a visit to Foxglove Street for a heartwarming story filled with friendship, fun, and the lovely moments of everyday life.

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Friends On Foxglove Street 

It's summer on Foxglove Street...


Jess Shepherd's life is a mess. Forced to move back in with her mother on Foxglove Street, she's juggling two jobs to make ends meet. When she stumbles into mysterious goings-on at the ice cream shop where she works, she turns to boy-next-door Darren for advice. But the intimate moment they share one summer's night only complicates Jess's life even more...

Darren Montgomery moved back to Foxglove Street to care for his grandfather, Walter, after a nasty accident. He loves his cranky grandad, but Darren has a huge decision to make about the future, and it's getting hard to keep Walter in the dark about it. When girl-next-door Jess unexpectedly sets his heart racing, Darren's decision only gets tougher.

Walter Montgomery wishes he could turn back time and avoid the accident that's left him hobbling around with a walking stick. But a catch-up with fellow Foxglove Street pensioner, Olive Nimmo, reminds him that regrets are pointless and age is just a number...

As summer brings sunshine and surprises to Foxglove Street, will friendship and romance blossom between the neighbours?

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