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Come to Fairhill and discover fun, romantic heartwarming stories with characters you'll love.

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The Perfect Moment

Fairhill Series, Book 1


Is there ever a perfect moment to begin again in life?


Ever since tragedy threw her life into turmoil, Laura has taken refuge at her waitressing job in Valentino’s restaurant in leafy Fairhill. Serving lattes and lunch specials means she’s too busy to think about all she lost, or the dreams she was forced to abandon. So when her beloved boss announces she’s selling the business, Laura is devastated. Hatching a plan to set her up with the local pub owner, Laura hopes the two of them will make a connection that might just change her mind.


Recovering from betrayal and heartbreak, Bruce is also in hiding from the world, and working in his uncle’s pub while he wonders how to restart his life. When Laura asks for help with her matchmaking scheme, he finds himself unable to refuse. She has a smile he can’t resist, no matter how much he wants to.


But as their plan is set in motion, the matchmakers begin falling for each other. Yet Laura thinks she’s happy with her dull boyfriend, and Bruce won’t risk another broken heart. As the future of Valentino’s hangs in the balance, can these two lost and lonely people find the perfect moment to start their lives again together?


Treat yourself to THE PERFECT MOMENT, a sweet, funny, emotional romance about new beginnings and being brave enough to follow your heart.

ALittleRomance, SmallCover.jpg
A Little Romance

Fairhill Series, Free Novella

An unlikely friendship. A new chance at happiness.


Stacey Marshall has a huge crush on a customer at the Shaw Street minimarket where she works, but is too terrified to do anything about it. At only twenty-three she knows she should be far braver in life, but can’t quite work out how.


Arthur Davidson is heartbroken after the death of his wife and struggling with the aches and pains that come with old age. His grumpy demeanor hides his loneliness and keeps people at bay, or so he thinks.


When an unfortunate accident brings Stacey and Arthur together, they soon find themselves at the beginning of a strange and unlikely friendship. Can they help each other to take steps in new directions in their lives or are they just too set in their ways to be brave enough to find happiness?


Curl up and enjoy this sweet, funny, feel-good novella from the Fairhill series of books.


The Next Forever

Fairhill Series, Book 2

Friendship begins beneath cherry blossoms. Can it turn into love?


Meet Chrissie Sullivan – baking whiz, cake shop owner, and a woman on the brink ever since her grown family moved back into the house. When her meddling mother enters Chrissie’s shop into a prestigious wedding cake competition, things get even more complicated. Chrissie never expected still to be alone in her fifties, but her hectic life doesn’t make it easy to find a little romance.


Meet Keith McGraw – pub landlord, whisky lover, and a man who’s perpetually unlucky in love. He thinks he’s happy living alone, until his chaotic ex-wife reappears and turns his life upside down, making him wonder if the woman of his dreams might still be somewhere out there after all.


When Chrissie and Keith meet in the park, a friendship begins beneath spring cherry blossoms as they seek shelter from their messy lives. But as romance sparks, they must run a gauntlet of calamities that threaten to keep them apart. Can they find what it takes to overcome the mayhem and give love one last chance, or risk a future filled with regret? 


Treat yourself to THE NEXT FOREVER, a sweet, funny, feel-good story about family, friendship, and falling in love when you least expect it.

The Magic Hour

Fairhill Series, Book 3

Is it ever too late to find your fairy tale ending?

When widow Natalie Fachini finds herself caught up in her neighbour’s mad plan to save the old Fairhill town hall from demolition, it’s a mixed blessing. The project might be just what she needs to keep her busy, but it isn’t exactly how she imagined spending her retirement. When a famous musician agrees to perform at the fundraising concert that Natalie is roped into organising, she soon finds herself dealing with unexpected attraction.


Ken Connolly always thought he’d find new love after his divorce, but ten years on he’s still alone. Running out of time to write a new album of music for his record company, Ken finds the goings-on at Fairhill town hall to be a welcome distraction, especially the beautiful woman who’s in charge of putting on the show.


In the midst of organising the concert, Natalie is shocked to discover a long-forgotten box of memories that cause her to rethink what she might be capable of. Encouraged by Ken and his captivating piano compositions, she begins to imagine a new life far beyond her wildest dreams. But as the big concert draws near, Natalie must decide whether she can let go of the past and open her heart once more... or lose Ken forever.


THE MAGIC HOUR is an emotional and romantic feel-good story about trusting your heart and learning how to fall in love again.

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